La Vie Dans Mon Monde

Louvre Museum, Paris, France
January 2014

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Is she doing this because she said fuck skinny bitches 🌚?

yeah since all skinny bitches got so offended acting like society doesnt revolve around them already

This is embarrassing.

i’m still laughing at this omfg

she’s doing a workshop for them skinny bitches. the society of skinny bitches probz complained. and nicki is just so full of compassion and generosity, she keeps all that compassion in her ass. probz.

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This is one of the most insulting things that I have ever seen, it makes me so mad I actually want to cry. I can’t believe magazines think that they can just dip a woman in brown paint, give her clothes from my culture to put on for a couple hours and then have audacity to call her an “African Queen”. Growing up I heard every joke about Africans and saw the negative stereotypes portrayed by the media that tried to make me feel so bad about where I come from. Yet Ive noticed when fashion magazine want to do spreads portraying poise and exoticness they often turn to Africa ( and many other foreign continents/nations) proving time and again that Africa is more than the negative images you see in the media)  but this time, to try and take parts of my beautiful culture just to have white women play the role of an “African Queen” proves that beauty cannot be seen in our countries/cultures unless it is represented by White people. 

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Just got back from the gym

I still have ochem hw to do


I think I fucked up my knee on the bicycle

Make sure you stretch before you ride fast


craving warm cookies and arms to sleep in

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Anons be asking me personal questions. Sorry but if you want me to answer come off anon.

whats your major in college?

I graduated last year, majored in political science and global health. Right now, I’m doing a masters and i’m taking my last pre-med class. woot woot.


voguishpsychosis replied to your post: anonymous said:so you are not hap…

uhm actually anon she’s super happy cuz she gets to see me at least once a week ok~~

logon ki khushfehmi toh dekho :P

Rude af